Things to do whilst Self Isolating – with and without kids.


With the current worldwide situation we are needing to re-learn how to entertain ourselves.

To be honest, I’ve realized that self isolation is actually my normal lifestyle as I work from home running Reef Skincare so I’ve compiled a list of things you can do whilst out of your normal routine and self-isolating.

I’ve had a week with my four year old, and a week without, so I’ve compiled a list of things you can do whilst isolating with and without kids.


Get them to choose a shelf/drawer/bucket of toys to clean. You can pop the toys in the bath or dishwasher or give them a bucket of soapy water or wipes.

Go through their clothes and see what fits and what doesn’t. It is a good time to have a discussion about donation and how they can help other children. Also a good time for a fashion parade!

Write letters and draw pictures for family and friends. Pop them in the post box if you can walk to one near you following social distancing rules.

Read books – libraries are still open and you can now order online and pick up outside.

Watch movies and actually sit with them, not on your phone. My daughter always prefers when I sit and cuddle with her.

Build a fort, or have a picnic in the lounge room with toys. That fancy tea set you never use? Get it out.

Cook pancakes or bake using ingredients you already have. Only have a tin of beans and strawberry sauce? Google will find a recipe for that!

Get some non toxic poster paint and cheap brushes or use sticks, leaves and sponges to create art. This week, we have even painted empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls. If you have old photo frames you aren’t using anymore then pop the paintings in there and have an art exhibition.

Learn a family dance and record it. Great memories and cardio.

Have a theme night where everyone dresses up. Eat dinner that way.

Play board games or cards.

Make a fairy garden, rocks and sticks can be made into archways and toadstools. Use your imagination.

Our latest masterpiece


Pick a drawer each day and organize. Make a pile to list on Ebay to sell or to donate. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I went through my 15 year old phones last night and I still cant bare to part with my old Nokia 2215 or Ipod.

Deep clean a room each day. And check out Marie Kondo if you want to learn to fold.

Write letters to family and friends. Or just write! Start a journal. It doesn’t have to be good or even make sense. Just write down what is on your mind. It’s a great stress relief and you might surprise yourself.

Do art. I recently painted a giant rainbow with my daughter using cheap poster paint from Kmart and it was so relaxing.

Create a list of people you haven’t spoken to in a while and reach out. Send voice recordings if you can’t be bothered typing. Organise a night to Facetime. I have friends I do this with weekly from bed.

Listen to or create a podcast. If you use the Anchor app you can even record with friends!

Read books. Re-read books or write a book.

Re-purpose and repair things around the home. Learn to sew, you can get a cheap sewing kit from your grocery store. I recently re-purposed an old beach bag to become a plant holder by cutting the handles off. It looks fantastic!

Learn to cook from scratch. You know, like our grandparents used to.

Record content and post on Youtube, TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. If you can make someone else smile than it’s worth it.

Hold a theme night if you live with other people and dress up, speak in accents and dance. I saw a video of housemates who each had to make a PowerPoint presentation on a certain topic and present in the lounge room.

Talk to your plants and give them some love. Learn how to take cuttings and propagate – you can gift these for a free as an eco-friendly gift.

Get some sun on your balcony or backyard. Vitamin D is so important but don’t overdo it!

Exercise – there are so many resources now to work out effectively from home and many trainers offering free videos. You don’t necessarily even need equipment but if you do you can look for things you already have at home. Got cans of food? Got dumbbells!

Dance – just move your body and be silly.

Stretch. Again, it feels so good when you aren’t being a sloth. This is coming from someone who is a sloth 99% of the time.

Learn to meditate.

Skincare! Create a home exfoliant from sugar or coffee grounds. Moisturise. Make a mask. You can even create an eye treatment from tea bags.

Do a hair mask – and now is the time to pack up the styling tools and give your hair a rest.

Grow out your eyebrows. Caterpillars are now in people!


Do a budget. This may be a confronting one but ignorance is not bliss when it comes to finances. Banks will even let you set up savings accounts online

Write a list of places you would like to visit, when the world is open again. Research far flung places and create a mood board.

Study or learn a language. You can learn almost anything from online resources.

Build a website – it is so easy to do now and there are so many templates available. I just built this one with zero experience. 

Got animals? Teach them new tricks, trim their nails, dress them up, snuggle, play or give them a bath.

And last, and probably the most important – Drink water. There’s your daily reminder, now go and do it!

Honestly, Sarah


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