That time I got a pregnancy ultrasound at the Vet.

This is one of those moments where people say to me “Honestly Sarah?!”

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I was understandably nervous due to our infertility and miscarriage experience. 

As I was approaching my 12 week scan I was talking to my friend about my  upcoming scan and how I was low-key freaking out. I had already seen the heartbeat at 7 weeks but still couldn’t get the fear out of my head.

This friend, lets call her Dr Love, was a veterinarian and offered to do an ultrasound at the clinic she worked in. At first I thought she was joking but when I realised she was serious we trotted off (see what I did there) to the clinic.

When I arrived, I laid down and she put my dog collar on – just joking, we only did a worming treatment.  Joking again. Geeze.

From memory, she input me as a dog into the machine and off she went. I’ve popped a video in so you can see.

It was amazing. The last scan I had had at 8 weeks, the baby was just a blob but this scan actually showed something looking like a baby!
I can be described as impulsive and in hindsight if something HAD been wrong it would have been really upsetting for me and my friend but I still can’t wait to tell this story to my daughter when she is older.

Honestly, Sarah


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  1. HAHA! One of the greatest experiences I have ever witnessed, seriously hilarious. How did I forget about this!? X

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