No new clothes for 12 months?

Say what now?


I was reading an article in Daily Mail (the trashiest news app around – I love it) about a woman who set out to not purchase any new clothing for 12 months and ended up going a whopping 2 years.

My first thought was NOPE, I couldn’t do that *online shopping addict here* but then I read her reasons. To summarise – you save a ton of money and help the environment.

Environmental cause? Where do I sign.

There was some crazy facts and figures regarding Australians being the second largest consumers of textiles and how much we waste each year and seeing as I’m becoming more aware of my environmental impact I was intrigued.

The next day I started organizing my cupboards to make room for when my hubby finally moves from the Gold Coast to Cairns where I live. Even though I haven’t shopped too much recently with the exception of a wedding dress, I realized I had clothes and shoes spread out over two bedrooms.

Even though I had a big clean out earlier this year and gave bags and bags of stuff away – most of it still with tags, my cupboards and drawers are still overflowing. I have one whole cupboard dedicated to trench coats, jackets and jumpers and I live in the tropics where it averages 100 degrees and 1 billion percent humidity most of the time.

I have clothes still with tags, clothes I haven’t worn in years, and about 18 bras of which I wear 3.

If I have an event and can’t find something I already own to wear I’ll hire, swap or head to a thrift shop. I also need to go through my inbox and hit the old unsubscribe button, I’ll really miss my 80 spam emails a day.

I always say to practice kindness so if you see me looking like a bag lady in rags on the side of the road throw me a smile, and maybe let me sniff something new you are wearing.

Time will tell whether I make it.

Wish me luck!

Honestly, Sarah


Tips to help you: 

Research and find your local thrift stores.

Join Buy, Sell, Swap groups on facebook.

Look for second hand clothing on Ebay or sites like Depop.

If you are handy, repair and make your own clothes using recycled materials.

Have a clothes swap night with your friends.

Hire fancy outfits for nights out and events.

Organise your cupboards by item (so shirts with shirts and dresses with dresses). Organise by sleeve length so you see what you have. 

Shoe organisation is a must

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