Hat storage for small spaces. AKA Hat Storage Art.

Boho style wide brim hats are all the rage now right? Fedora, boater, panama, cowboy – there are so many.
Not only are they great for sun protection, they also look damn fine but geez do they take up space! The solution? Go up! As in on the wall.
If you have a blank wall then you have storage space. And don’t worry if you are renting as there are no nails required, just Command Hooks. I have tried a few different brands of these and in my opinion the Command brand is superior. 
Think of this storage style like boho art; it can really change the aesthetic of a room.
And, by spreading your hats out and taking them out of a cupboard you can see what you actually have with no bent brims in sight.
Step one.
Decide where you want them. For example they can be in your living room behind the couch or in the bedroom or hallway. I actually put mine above my tallboy in the corner of my bedroom. 
Step two.
Lay down your hats on floor and decide if you want the layered affect, where all of the brims overlap or spaced out? Do you want a straight line or zig zag. It depends on what hats you have and how you want it to look. 
Step three.
Measure the space between hooks. I wanted spaced in a straight line and I am so lazy when it comes to measuring so I guessed my first hook, and then measured 30cm from the base of the hook – I then repeated from the base of that hook. Easy peasy.
If you decide to go the layered affect then you will have to be more precise as you don’t want to bend your favourite hats brim. 
Hang your hats, and voila! Hat Storage Art!
Stay tuned for more storage ideas in future blogs. I live in an apartment and am in the process of organising room by room so plenty more ideas to come.
Honestly, Sarah